Universidad Azteca established the Deanship of European Programmes in 2009 in Austria, and has established a Branch Campus in Berlin, Germany, in 2019.

The new organisational structure of Universidad Azteca European Programmes does provide the academic affairs, admission evaluations and online courses and examinations via the Branch Campus in Berlin by the Dean of European Programmes, while the administrative and recruitment support is provided via the Austrian administrative office in Innsbruck.

The Berlin Branch Campus operation is approved by the Berlin State Science Senate acc. to Berlin University Law § 124a. The programmes provided in and via Austria have been approved from 2012 to 2022 acc. to Austrian federal Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education § 27 by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research (2012-2015) and by the Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance AQ Austria (2015-2022). Universidad Azteca European Programmes is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

International students, however, are enrolled in Mexico with Universidad Azteca, neither in Germany nor in Austria nor in the UK. All programmes are online programmes. All degrees are awarded by Universidad Azteca in Mexico.

Universidad Azteca European Programmes in Innsbruck:

  • Address: Universidad Azteca European Programmes, Rennweg 37, 6020 Innsbruck
    • Dean Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold LLD MBA MPA MSc
    • Substitute-Dean Prof. Mag. Dr.iur. Dr. Friedrich Luhan MSc CMC
    • Studies-Dean Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz C. Pichler MBA MPA MEd AKKM

Universidad Azteca Branch Campus Graz-Seggau:

  • Address: Universidad Azteca Campus Graz, Petrifelder Straße 4, 8042 Graz, Österreich
  • Campus-Dean Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Christian Endler Cmed BSc MAS MEd
  • Website: http://inter-uni.net/

Informationsb bureau Wien from Universidad Azteca European Programmes

  • Address: JRBCG Austria, Kärntner Ring 5 – 7/7, 1010 Wien
    • Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Gruber

Meet the Team

Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold is dean of Universidad Azteca European Programmes in Innsbruck
Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Christian Endler is the campus dean of Universidad Azteca Branch Campus Graz-Seggau.

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