The term „Universidad“ is a legally protected name and reserved for those postsecondary institutions of higher education offering at least five officially recognised Licenciado (four-to-five years graduate level) or postgraduate degree programmes, in at least three study areas, including arts (humanities).

With main campus and satellite extensions in Mexico Universidad Azteca is a recognised private university incorporated and recognised by Secretary of Public Education (SEP), meeting the legal requirements for name and status of “Universidad” as well as counting on various programmatic recognitions (RVOE) by the federal government Secretary of Public Education (SEP). Universidad Azteca is subject to supervision and quality assurance by SEP in accordance to Mexican higher education laws. Universidad Azteca offers programmes and awards degrees with RVOE and university own programs and degrees, collaborates internationally with universities abroad, offers dual and multiple degree programmes, and may obtain international accreditation or validation instead of or in addition to national RVOE for international programmes.

Universidad Azteca - European Programmes
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