The application process is conducted in the following sequences:

  1. Prospective student asks for application form for a given programme of study.
  2. Prospective student fills out the application form in word format and remits the scan of the application form with handwritten signature by email, including the following attachments (we accept only PDF for scans, and JPG for the photo):
    • Application form signed as scan (PDF, black/white) and personal data processing agreement
    • Scans (PDF, b/w, legible!) of all relevant higher education credentials and qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates, with all transcripts). If those original credentials are not in English, Spanish or German, pls, provide an English translation.
    • Curriculum vitae, highlighting the academic and professional background. (doc or PDF)
    • Scan of the passport (or ID card) page with personal data and photo. (PDF in colour)
    • Passport style facial photo of applicant (colour, JPG)
  3. NOTICE: Only complete applications will be considered for evaluation.
  4. The University conducts an evaluation report and reserves the right to charge the applicant for this service.
  5. The University issues the evaluation report and in case of possible admission issues an invoice to the student for the tuitions and fees of the given programme.
  6. Student accepts evaluation report and pays the full tuition and fees in order to enrol.
  7. Payment of tuitions activates the enrolment of the given student. Once a student is enrolled and discontinues a programme, no tuition payment is refunded.

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